WhatsApp Android app is getting face unlock with better security

Whatsapp now becomes the most popular messaging application globaly. Millions of users used this application to share messages, take calls, sending voice records, gifs, and images. Users can freely download the latest Whatsapp version, and the latest WhatsApp Android application is getting face to unlock and many security facilities. 

WhatsApp Android app is getting face unlock with better security

Developers of the Whatsapp application roll out the latest face unlock security option for the android app. So users will get this amazing facility with further updates. This new feature currently available on iPhone and iPad devices. With android, this facility is getting missed, and that’s why they introduced it this time.   

Now, this new update is included as a beta version, and you can download the new WhatsApp beta update via google play store. At the current moment, WhatsApp added the fingerprint biometric security option for all the supported android users. 

However it is, the official update of this new version still not released. But developers planned to release new features as soon as possible. After it was released, users will get the latest option as face unlocks for android and it will enable in WhatsApp chat. This is a very well supported higher security option, and it protects user privacy highly. The new option is known as device-centric. Here when a user changed her phone, as essentially they have to turn on the face unlock the option to use this feature once again. The new facility is actually the same as the fingerprint biometric lock. Do not get upset you will not fsce any confussion here with this new Whatsapp update. 

There is another interesting facility that comes with the new update. That is, it allows to mute forever facility to mute contacts and groups. As we know, this the previous updates, this mute facility enabled. But its support only for up to one year. But with the new facility, it enables the compatibility for forever. You can forget completely about it. 

Users get the freedom to check the facility of mute notification in settings and you can check the facility of mute notifications to “always”. Then you will not get disturbed by the WhatsApp chat. The new update also comes with a new interface, and there include a new user interface, and it added a new section such as “storage”. It includes new tools. 

Through this facility, it helps users to see the related storage that content occupying, and you can find it from the section under large files at the bottom.  

The new section for forwarded files is also included there. This will help users get to know and segregate those unnecessary files that are on the application storage.

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