How to use DU Recorder Correctly?

For the purposes of screen recording, Du recorder is the most recommended application. Here now it supports direct downloads and the process is completely free and reliable. Using Du recorder now you can record everything that appears on your device screen. 

how to use du recorder

Du recorder apk file is the supportive format for android services and downloads are freely available. For the screen recording purpose now there are several screen recording apps available. Among these apps, Du recorder adds multiple features, functions, new opportunities, and many more. So after successfully download the application, you can enjoy it very well, and let’s see how to use it and how it works. 

Du recorder – How it works?

When you successfully download Du recorder and install it then now you can begin the recording process. This is the most simple and easy application for screen recording. After completing the installation there you can see Du recorder icon your device home screen. To open the application tap on it.  

Recording begins

Users can manage the place to drag and drop the Du recorder icon and it is just a simple icon that did not take much space. To begin the recordings you have to tap on the Du recorder icon. Then tap on the record button. Now Du recorder starts counting from three to one and then screen recording begins. Here it caught everything on the device screen as well as audios. 

Pause recordings

If you want to pause the video then you have to tap the record button once. then you have to select stop or pause. 

Stop recordings

Here you have to tap on the record button and press on “Stop”. Here all the steps, record, pause, and stop indicate from a single button and finally the process is easy and simple. 

After finishing the recording there will appear a notification for asking play, edit, share, or trash the video.   

Important things you should know about Du recorder

The recording process is just simple and easy. Here you can use the application for more other purposes as well as screen recordings. Click on the downloaded Du recorder app. Now the recording toolbox appears. It gives quick access for brush, camera, show touches, and GIF recorder. 

These four option allows users to increase the quality of the recorded video.  

  • Camera option turns on for a selfie
  • Brush open the screen to canvas
  • GIF recorder allows the compatibility to design video clips for sic-seconds 
  • The show touches help to identify what the user exactly do while your recording process going on

More about Du recorder

Rather than the screen recording, Du recorder gives users thousands of other possibilities. Using the application now you can take screenshots with the best quality.

Here you can rename files, share videos, edit them, delete videos, trim videos, add subtitles, gifs, themes, ass music, convert videos to GIFs, remove parts of the video, edit or add a background image, rotate video, and many more functions.

After download the Du recorder apk file you can easily install the application. Then enjoy the app while recording videos, edit them, and share it with your friends. 

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