Android 12 might fix the Android OS update issue

The android operating system is frequently updated with newbie features and functions and many new updates. Each update that is released frequently contains new improvements as well as most arrogant fragmentation problems. As we know this matter affects with ice cream sandwich operating system and Lolipop version then takes a considerable time to implement with OEMs for the latest android devices.

Android 12 might fix the Android OS update issue

For this matter, Google introduced several options to fix this matter and they introduced the project treble. This project treble separated from the android operating system’s default framework; the lower level SoCs software. 

Project Mainline lately introduced by Google for the purpose of making specific mainline modules for all the released android updates mandatory. Now,  Luca020400, an XDA-recognized developer, shows a note that was posted by a Google engineer. It indicates about the company’s plans and here the company’s target is to replace the runtime procedure of android with a flagship module in the upcoming Android 12. Therefore now it is available other necessary OC components via the Google play store such as other apps.

Android Runtime Converts the byte code of the Android application for related machine instructions. It plays a very important role in the default Android ecosystem. With the implementation of Project Mainline to ART, Google will be able to change things or fix those security issues without having to wait for operational updates.

According to several things, for your android S device, after update the android 12 new operating system,  the ART is the only supported and updated Mainline module. This facility allows Google to control more and more over updates. This new ART facility is updatable. Here Google can easily address any affected issue or here it allows you to update new things without looking for a massive update for your operating system through OTA. 

Also, if Google enforced the implementation of the signature ART module for all OEMs, even it allows controlling updates to ART on your Android devices using the default Play Store.

The new implementation has a 100% opportunity to bring more compatibility across for all your Android applications. However, at the time it has the ability to limit OEMs and make several changes to ART and rescue them from activating the customizations that they normally add to their android devices.

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